Take a Break From Boring Cars

Add custom features to your car or truck

Your car is more than just a tool you use to get from point A to point B. It's essential to your daily life, but it's also a prized possession. You can use it to show off your personality and style everywhere you go. Fineline Custom Auto is the place to get car customizations in the Lafayette, LA area.

Our team of mechanics is made up of skilled pros. We have over 35 years of experience and know the ins and outs of cars and trucks. You can trust us to make your vehicle look and drive better. Call 337-234-6691 today to schedule an appointment.

Make your car your own

From vehicle wraps and tinted windows to lift kits, our team can handle any auto customization job. We can add accessories and make adjustments that:

Make your vehicle look unique and stylish
Protect your car or truck from wear and tear
Improve your driving experience

Speak with one of our mechanics by calling 337-234-6691 to start planning your vehicle upgrade.

Trusted by drivers from all over

Our shop has been serving vehicle owners for more than 28 years. Many new customers choose us because we're certified, licensed and insured. Once they see the work we do, they end up coming back for more.

Our customers visit our shop from all around. We're based in Lafayette, LA but serve vehicle owners from everywhere within a 60-mile radius. Once you see your top-of-the-line results, you'll know the visit was worth the drive. Bring your car or truck to Fineline Custom Auto today.